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02 December 2009

Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

Every artist/designer tries to start a project and at some point just can’t find his or her muse.  They know what’s required, but, getting there can be elusive.  What can you do when ideas run dry?  You need to get the creative juices flowing!  Here are some things you can do to start the flow.

1)  Immerse yourself in nature.  Walk out into a park, a preserve or even your backyard and notice nature’s amazing diversity of images and textures.  Some of the most intricate and unusual patterns are found by just looking around.  Once you have removed yourself from the workspace, your mind will start to clear. You will become more focused and find that inspirations and solutions begin to flow more freely.

2) Take a nap or just let it go until you can get a good night’s sleep.  Creativity is dramatically improved when you are well-rested.  There is also proof that while your mind is resting in a subconscious state, it can work out problems and come up with ideas better without the hassle of life’s interruptions. You can wake up with the creative answers you were seeking, rested and ready to produce a masterpiece.

3) Read a book, look at art or watch a movie. Relax in an art museum or roam a sculpture garden and marvel at the creative genius of the world.  Read a magazine, noticing the design layout, fonts and imagery they used to produce the copy. Take in a good movie and let yourself be whisked away to another world.  Enjoy what others have created and use that for inspiration in your work.

4) Surround your workspace and your life with objects that inspire you.  This can be collectibles or just things that energize you.  Images on a wall, hanging mobiles or action figurines can fire the imagination and help you turn on the creative juices. Take some time out to touch and play with these objects, feeling their form and enjoying the memories they evoke.  You will be surprised how relaxed and ready to create they can make you feel.

These are just a few ways you can help yourself turn on the creative juices.  There are many more ways and you can experiment on what best helps you find your creative muse.

‘til next time, take care.


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